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TJ needs a light blue fleece elephant blanket originally from Aldi

Posted on Aug 17, 2018 by in Blankets | 0 comments

We are searching for a light blue fleece blanket with an elephant blanket bought from Aldi around 4.5 years ago.

This is our little buddy TJ. TJ is almost 4-years-old and lives with his family in Warwickshire. He loves playing football, loves cars and transformers, he is currently at Nursery but is about to start mainstream school.

TJ is Autistic and has high sensory needs. He has had this one special blanket since birth, when he feels uncomfortable in a situation or anxious he has to have his comfort blanket, he won’t accept any other blanket, and he has to rub it on his face and lips to check its the right blanket.

It’s a blanket brought from Aldi 4.5 years ago, it’s light blue in colour, it has 2 sorts of fabric texture, and there is an elephant stitched in the middle towards the bottom. The images show sizes and scales.

It’s TJ’s only comfort blanket, he won’t use anything else, his family has tried similar blankets but he knows the feel of it, he has to take it everywhere and he cuddles it for comfort especially in situations that he feels uncomfortable or anxious.

This very special blanket is starting to show wear and TJ really needs spares ready for when it finally falls apart.

TJ’s Mummy Michelle told us:

“Even though TJ has autism he can be a very loving and happy little boy who is amazing and makes me proud with what he achieves through his daily struggles x he is my little superstar”

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