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Emily desperately needs the green hard teats that Philips AVENT used to sell with their non-spill cups, as per the pictures.

Posted on Sep 19, 2018 by in Cups & Bottles | 0 comments

This is our new buddy Emily, she is 19 and lives with her family in Gloucester. She has just started at a post 19 adult social care setting. Emily is very fun loving and is very much a people person, she loves going out, swimming, going out for lunch and meals etc.
Emily has cerebral palsy and is a full-time wheelchair user, she is unable to talk, walk, or do most of the things other children can do for themselves. Emily needs full-time supervision and support for everything.
We are searching for a Philips AVENT non-spill cup. It MUST be the green hard teat. This one is sold as 12 months+.
This is the only teat Emily will drink from. Her family has tried lots and lots of different teats on the same cup base but she just will not drink from anything else.
They are down to their last spare one and desperately need to find more.
They have contacted Phillips and they say that that it is not made anymore because they’ve gone on to a new model. They have tried eBay and they’ve even bought one from America for nearly £30!
Emily’s Dad David told us:
“Drinking from the cup is one of the only independent things my daughter can do really. It’s really important for her to have something that she can totally do independently. This is important for her and slowly we’re running out of these teats, it’s really important for Emily’s independence if we can try and get some for the long term.”

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