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Finn desperately needs these twin handles that fit Tommee Tippee bottles and cups

Posted on Sep 17, 2018 by in Cups & Bottles | 0 comments

This is our new buddy Finn. He is 9-years-old and lives with his family in Plymouth. He loves to be outside on a trampoline or swing, he loves the wind in his long blonde hair.

Finn is Autistic, has severe learning disabilities and is non-verbal.

Finn does not eat, he only drinks milk from a baby bottle, the handle has been lost and without it he is refusing to drink anything.

This is a handle from a Tommee Tippee juice cup that fits the bottles, they have recently changed the design of the handle so we are searching for the older style as per the photos.

Finns Mummy Suzie told us:

“This handle means everything to my son without it he won’t drink”

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