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Freddie needs a hedgehog duvet cover from Ikea

Posted on Aug 22, 2018 by in Blankets | 0 comments

We are searching for a hedgehog patterned cot sized duvet cover from Ikea for our new buddy Freddie.

Freddie is a very cheeky adventurous 6-year-old from Surrey, who loves life to the fullest, he enjoys being outside and camping holidays. He has a great sense of humour and likes spending time playing Minecraft or Pokemon Go – both of which he knows everything about! He goes to a fab specialist school for children with autism and does amazing things like horse riding, swimming, trips to the park with the odd bit of maths and literacy thrown in. Freddie is the baby in the family and adores his big brother and sister as well as their cats Birus, Bertie and Betty the kitten.

Freddie has Autism and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) which makes everyday life quite tricky for him a lot of the time. He wants to be sociable and join in but it gets hard when things don’t go as he expected or how he wants them to go. He can have challenging behaviour which is anxiety driven and needs to feel in control of situations most of the time, his family are all learning to be great negotiators, he included!

So the duvet cover we are searching for is a patterned cot sized children’s one from Ikea. It has a white background with outlines of hedgehogs all over in grey and red. It’s approx 10 years old Mum thinks.

Freddie sleeps with it as his duvet despite it being far too small now and can’t sleep without it, he carries it around the house whenever he can and along with an equally old and tatty pillow and lots of muslins calls this collection his ‘snuggly bits’. He wraps himself in them and gets great comfort from them all. The muslins and pillow can be interchanged and he has two pillows and a Jorge selection of muslins to choose from but will not substitute the hedgehog duvet for anything else despite many attempts.

Freddies Mum Nicky told us:

“Freddie loves soft snugly things and gets great comfort from feeling safe and snug using his pillow, muslins and hedgehog duvet. Sometimes he fills it up with his belongings or occasionally gets inside the duvet cover himself for comfort, it has been repaired where seams have torn many times but the fabric is beginning to disintegrate itself now. I cannot imagine how upset he will be when it finally breaks beyond repair.”

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