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Help us to find a BluePostman Pat Phone for our new buddy Brody.

Posted on Aug 27, 2018 by in Toys | 0 comments

Brody is 5 years old and lives with his family in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. He attends a special needs school. He is diagnosed As having an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and has a language delay. Brody loves being outdoors, he loves water. He is very musical and loves to play with his instruments and watches Cbeebies proms pretty much daily. His favourite toy is his postman pat sorting office. Brody is very good with technology and discovered a Postman Pat advert on YouTube which he has come obsessed over.

Brody was born prematurely at 29 weeks, since then he’s introduced his family to the medical world in style! Brody spent 8 weeks in the hospital once he was born, this was followed with numerous appointments from eyes, cardiology and consultant. He is currently under investigation for epilepsy.

So we are searching Blue Postman Pat toy phone as per the picture. It is listed on Amazon but as unavailable as it’s been discontinued.

Brody has verbally asked for ‘Postman Pats phone’ several times a day since he found the video clip around 5 weeks ago. His parents have searched and searched for it but have not been able to find one. Brody doesn’t understand that they don’t make it anymore. Its one of the 1st items he’s ever asked for and every day when the postman has been he asks ‘where’s Postman Pat’s phone’. Brody would absolutely adore this phone if we could find him one.

Brody’s Mum Sam told us:

“Brody is the most amazing little boy. He has overcome so much in his 5 years. He has verbally asked for something (which is huge) and I can’t find it for him. Brody will treasure this phone.”

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