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Lily needs a Sassy Hug & Tug horse

Posted on Aug 8, 2018 by in Toys | 0 comments

This is our little friend Lily, she lives with her family in Greater Manchester and is 4-years-old. Lily is a sweet natured, strong and determined person. Lily adores her family and friends. Her favourite things to play with are musical instruments or she loves reading books. Lily absolutely adores swimming, she goes to hydrotherapy once a week. Splashing makes Lily giggle! She loves to go on nature trails and adores being in the fresh air. Lily has extremely regular hospital appointments, admissions and therapies so she has a very busy schedule. Lily always manages to smile and put a smile on the faces of those around her.

Lily has Global Developmental Delay and has frequent infections that require hospital admission due to her low immunity.

There is one toy that is always by Lily’s side – her Donkey! This is Lily’s comfort aid. It has been there through awful medical procedures to therapies to bedtime and car journeys. Donkey helps Lily feel calm. He’s also good fun to play with as he rattles and makes a great noise.

Donkey is a Sassy Hug & Tug Horse. The company, Sassy, sold the toy up until about 2014.

This toy is Lily’s best friend. It goes everywhere with her. Lily wakes up and wants her ‘donkey’ (she refers to it as donkey although it’s marketed as a horse), donkey is the last thing she sees before her baths and bedtime – aside from Mummy and Daddy of course. He’s with her through invasive medical procedures, hospital admissions and therapies. Donkey keeps her feeling entertained and calm during road trips and is always next to her when she’s playing, if not on her lap or in her hand.

Lily currently has two Donkeys, one is on its ‘last legs’ and is starting to come apart. Her parents fear the next times it’s dropped on the floor or thrown out of the shopping trolley will be its last! They will then be down to one.

Lily’s Mum Rachel told us:

“Lily is such a sweet natured, cuddly, loving and determined little girl. Her laugh and smiles absolutely melt us! We often look at her whilst she’s playing with us or next to us and wonder how we got so lucky with such a lovely little girl. She has so much to contend with, health, medication and therapy wise, but, she takes it all in her stride. We are so proud of her. We wouldn’t change Lily for the world – we would definitely change the world for Lily though.”

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