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Olly needs his monkey, approximately 23 can long, he is a microwave hottie but never been used for that.

Posted on Sep 14, 2018 by in Soft Toys | 0 comments

Olly has just turned 8 and lives with his family in Bewdley. He has lost his pal and favourite teddy, Ralph the monkey. Olly is an avid film fan, mostly the classics. He will watch a film and then watch the bonus features to see how the film was made, learn about the crew and actors. He wishes to be a filmmaker when he is older. He loves Lego and drawing too.

Olly has Autism and struggles with going out and social interaction. He has the biggest heart but with Autism, he gets very attached and losing Ralph has broken his heart. He struggles with getting out of the home, and that is one of the reasons he is missing Ralph so so much. Ralph would get dressed up each day, and Olly would communicate through Ralph.

Ralph is a wheat bag monkey, approximately 23 can long, he is a microwave hottie but never been used for that. He has a cream face, hands and feet. He was a gift 7 years ago and nobody remembers where he was purchased from.

Olly loves Ralph more than anything. Ralph helped Olly to leave the home, be around people a bit easier, and now he has been lost, Olly is more than sad, he is grieving, and it is beyond heartbreaking for his family to see.

He was lost locally, found by a very kind person who left hi on a bin by Dog Lane Car Park, Bewdley, but then someone else took him.

Olly’s Mum Britt told us:

“Ralph the monkey is my son’s pal, favourite teddy. The first thing he picks up and the last thing he puts down. Ralph went everywhere and this helped my son so much with his autism. My son is heartbroken and cries himself to sleep.

“Olly has been immensely sad since losing Ralph. He has no energy, doesn’t want to go out, and is so tired with the grieving of Ralph. I suffer from unexplained seizures, so Ralph helped to comfort Olly when I had one but mainly helped Olly to leave our home and be around people. To have Ralph returned would restore Olly’s sparkle, his happiness and his trust in others. We desperately need Ralph back please, and I am truly truly grateful for all the help we have received.

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