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Oscar needs us to find him a ‘jimmijamms’ blanket, 140cm square, pale blue one side with a small white bunny print pattern across it, the other side is grey with a white patch sewn into one corner.

Posted on Sep 24, 2018 by in Blankets | 0 comments

This is our new buddy Oscar. He is 12-years-old and lives with his family in Hertfordshire. Oscar loves Lego, Marvel superheroes, playing on the computer and loves playing hide and seek with his younger sisters. He has a very cheeky grin and a good sense of humour. Oscar believes his autism gives him super powers like being able to eat ice cream without getting brain freeze! Oscar adores lazy days and thinks everything is better in his pj’s.
Oscar was born prematurely at 32 weeks and has been a true fighter since birth. He has Autism, dyslexia, PTSD, attachment issues and severe anxiety. He attends a specialist school and since starting a year ago is doing really well. Oscar finds it very difficult to build relationships, he finds new situations a real challenge. As a result, Oscar will often hide, he uses his blanket to help him with this. The blanket is a huge part of his life and he is rarely seen without it.
The blanket is from the jimmijamms company, originally brought directly from their website. It’s approximately 140cm x 140cm. One side is pale blue with a small white bunny print pattern across it, the other side is grey with a small white patch style label sewn in one corner. It was purchased about three years ago. The company has since ceased trading.
Oscar became attached to the blanket when his Mum was using it after an operation while recovering. Oscar says it makes him feel safe and jokes that it’s ‘his blanket, not Mums’. The blankets large enough for Oscar to hide under it. He has been known to cover his desk at school with the blanket to make a den, to help him feel safe and calm. A few weeks ago the blanket was misplaced and Oscar was unable to sleep and was visibly anxious that it wasn’t with him. His family’s concern is should it be forgotten at school (50 miles away) or lost, Oscar is likely to become very upset and his anxiety and attachment issues increase. So we are looking for a spare.
Oscar’s Mum, Nicky, told us:
“A huge thank you to everyone taking the time to look for this blanket. For me, knowing others care is fantastic. If we can find a spare it will make things a little easier, knowing we can wash the current one more often and that one is available to help Oscar calm down when needed.”

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