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Roman desperately needs a little clear sippy cup with a pale blue lid and what looks like Mickey Mouse on the front, originally from Morrisons back in 2012.

Posted on Oct 24, 2018 by in Cups & Bottles | 0 comments

This is our new buddy Roman, he is 2-years-old and lives with his family in Radcliffe. He is currently non-verbal and is currently awaiting a diagnosis. Roman is a happy child and loved by all. He has 1 in particular toy that he loves which is his stacking cups, they go everywhere with him and his blanket. Roman loves to go swimming as he’s obsessed with water.
Roman will only drink from one cup, his parents found this cup in a baby event in Morrison’s in 2012 and have never seen another since. It is not branded, it does look like a Mickey Mouse on the front though.
His parents have tried every cup similar and he simply would rather go without a drink. They need another cup as this last one is very tatty and stained now.
Roman’s Mummy Rachel told us:
“We really hope we can track a cup down for Roman. I know we would all really appreciate it. Help find my baby his little green cup.”

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