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We really need to find some Tommee Tippee Explora Sipper Beakers 24months+ for our new friend Molly.

Posted on Sep 21, 2018 by in Cups & Bottles | 0 comments

Molly is 12-years-old and lives with her family in Nottingham. Despite limited speech, Molly is highly sociable and just adores people! She enjoys horse riding and swimming. She goes to a special school, which she started last September.

Molly has severe complex needs. She is one of 24 girls in the world with NAA10 ar38A. Molly has severe allergies and relies on her Neocate drink for nutrition.

Molly has a very restricted diet due to all her allergies and needs to drink a large quantity of food replacement drink. She has Autistic tendencies and will only drink from this one cup. As she’s getting older they are just perishing, so we need to find more.

We are searching for Tommee Tippee Explora Sipper Beakers reference number 30336 0009 24 months+. This is the OLD STYLE cup which has not been in shops for a few years. Preferably we’d like to find some in lilac for Molly, but any colour would be gratefully received.

Molly has 4 left, but they are wearing out and she needs 5 to send into school each day, let alone any for use at home and spares in case they get lost.

Tommee Tippee were willing to make more, but the mould has been thrown away.

Molly’s Mum Claire told us simply:

“Molly can’t live without this cup.”

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